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removal - Tattoo Removal
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  laser tattoo removal
Don Tomato - NYC   (Friday, November 09, 2007)

I've been researching about laser tattoo removal and this article is a good starter. There are different laser machines for specific colors. I've found a list of doctors / specialists by state on

  tattoo removing
Donna - London   (Tuesday, June 05, 2007)

It would be better if ther was more informaion about the pricing on tattoo removing. other wise the information given was usfull.
Thank you.

  laser tattoo removal
Alex - Los Angeles   (Friday, October 20, 2006)

As the owner of Tattoo MD Laser Clinic, I can provide some more informtion about laser tattoo removal. No single laser is best at all ink colors. A q-switched YAG laser is best for black and red ink, while a q-switched ruby laser is best for green and sky blue. Some colors, such as yellow may be very hard to remove. Also, it is more challening in darker skin colors. You can read more about this at

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