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Pain is an interesting side effect of getting a tattoo. For some people, the process and the pain is the more important part, and the art is just secondary, almost like a rites of passage. Some people don’t mind the pain so much. For others, they want the art very badly, but wish they could get it without the pain. Whatever group you fall into, know that tattoos do hurt. It is a few needles repeatedly entering your skin, so pain should be expected. Where you get the tattoo, though, will change greatly how much pain you will feel.


Whether pain should be a factor in deciding where you place your tattoo is only for you to decide. Many people will bear it in order to have the tattoo placed exactly where they choose, others might be willing to move it to another, more bearable, location.


Everyone has a different experience with pain and tattoos. Every person will tell you something differently. I have personally tattooed hundreds of people, and can tell you there are no generalizations. Some women and men do horribly, no matter where they get tattooed, while some women and men can sit without the slightest hint of discomfort. I have not seen any difference between men and women at all.


There are two types of body parts that most people do have a deal more pain than others, being on bone and on fleshy places. Tattooing on bone, like your skull, spine, elbow, sternum, etc, will not only be painful, but it will vibrate that area which is another unpleasant feeling. The person being tattooed might feel like the machine is going much deeper than it actually does. The fleshy areas, like the stomach, crotch area, inner thighs, under arm, and armpit, seem to cause a much more sharp pain and a pinching feeling. The skin needs to be stretched while tattooing, and the fleshy areas need to be stretched even more, which adds to the discomfort.


Being tattooed in an area that has some muscle mass like an arm or back or calve seems to be the least painful for most people. Keep in mind that your mental state also has a lot to do with how well you handle the pain. You shouldn’t be overly tired or emotionally exhausted, nor too cold or too hot. Talk to your tattoo artist if you’re uncomfortable in any way, because there might be some adjustments that can be made to make you sit better, which will make you both happier.

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