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   Sometimes, a method of learning is to submerge yourself into what you want to do, learn from trial and error and tons of practice. With tattooing, many people have started out this way. They order a simple kit from a tattoo magazine which comes with a video, and then tattoo themselves and other brave people until they figure out what they are doing. Unfortunately, this leaves in it’s wake a series of horribly done and scarred tattoos on people, and a possible spreading of diseases.


   Recently, companies have tried to better these products and movies for the individual that wants to learn on their own, and other organizations have come in to help. The Red Cross on their website now offers a tattooing and piercing safety course for beginners for only $20. This is not only absolutely necessary for anyone working with blood, but especially new people to tattooing who don’t have the luxury of someone to show them how to be safe.

There is nothing more important than keeping yourself and your customers safe and clean, especially when it’s so easy.


   There’s no shortage of places to learn to tattoo these days. A simple search online will show dozens of results for instructional videos, all for seemingly reasonable prices. The quality of these videos range from bad to excellent, as do instructional videos of any type.

One’s best bet would to be to get a video set from a well known name that has a guarantee. A basic set of videos (6-10) cost around $200, and covers everything from sterilizing to the many styles of tattooing.


   Books on how to tattoo have just recently been hitting the market, and many of which are written by famous and professional tattoo artists that have worlds of information to share. You could find these books at large book retailers online or by visiting the artists personal website.


   A few tattoo artists have even given lectures to other tattoo artist about their technique, and it comes with an illustrated guide. These are most informative if you are lucky enough to catch one, however, you must not be a full beginner in order to understand most of the concepts that they will build on.


   There are also fake skins available now that you can  purchase at any major tattoo supply company. These are a much more safe and less socially damaging way to practice with the machine before you attempt the real thing.

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