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Article about - Celebrity Tattoos

Celebrity tattoos hold a certain fascination for many of us.

There are numerous websites dedicated to this however you should bear in mind that these images should only be used for amusement. Copying your favourite celebrities tattoo is not only wrong due to copyright laws, it also goes against everything that many tattoo lovers believe in.

A tattoo should be your unique expression of something, they should be a part of your body and in some people eyes making them feel more complete.

Celebrity tattoos therefore could offer inspiration and entertainment but they are not a source for your next replica design, can you image how that person would feel if something so personal as their unique tattoo was to be copied by you!

Show some respect and if you do love a work of art then learn from it, take parts of it away and use it to inspire your own unique expression.

Even the most famous celebrites can make mistakes when choosing their tattoo, it has been suggested that text written in Hebrew and Sanskrit has been poorly or wrongly translated when adorned on celebrities such as Britney Spears and David Beckam.

Other famous celebrities have fallen into the pitfalls of using partners names, tattoos often last longer than romance.

Celebrities show us that the pitfalls of having a tattoo are not confined to any specific group, we all need to do our homework however they also demonstrate fashion and current styles from which we often take head.

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